For Galleries

After being accepted to numerous pop-up venues over the years (including the Boston Arts Festival, SoWa Open Market, The Freeport Festival, and Portland Maker’s Market), I am now actively seeking gallery representation.

As you can imagine, it is a challenge securing more permanent retail outlets because my work transcends established artistic silos. Also, I’ve neither had formal studio training, nor experience in woodworking, electrical wiring, or any related craft. I do have an academic background in art history which provides me with a cultural backdrop to reference and knowledge of how to orchestrate a visual experience - but with my professional background in office work, I am very much an outsider artist.

Yet there is more to my portfolio than just dramatic dioramas or expensive shadowboxes. Similar to many historically notable artists, ranging from William Morris to Andy Warhol, I believe artists are obligated to make the benefits of artwork more accessible by helping elevate the design quality of everyday objects. My approach is to offer more affordable collections, such as the Accent Lights, that are similarly built and embody the same aesthetic as the more expensive works. The fully customizable Standing Lights and Lanterns can also be offered at a lower-price point so that everyone can continue their illuminating experience beyond the gallery.

Additional works are always in process; and I am happy to collaborate with galleries interested in guiding my work so that appeals to their unique audience. Creating art is very much about embracing infinite possibilities, and I encourage you to begin a new chain of events by reaching out and contacting me. There is much to be created and yet more evolution to be seen.

    Exhibitions of artwork can be accompanied by other collections