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Frequently Asked Questions

SPECIFICATIONS: These lights are wired for USA residential usage (110-120 V / 60 Hz). Bulb specifications vary between products; and all wiring and components are UL approved. Cords vary in size, but are typically around 5’ in length.

SHIPPING: Lights are shipped as soon as possible, typically within one week. More elaborate lights require customized packaging to ensure safe passage and may take longer to ship.

RETURNS: Returns are accepted within 30-days from receipt. Since all lights are handmade, slight irregularities during production do occur and are expected. Please look closely at the product photos to ensure the item you are purchasing is truly to your liking.

REPAIRS: Accidents do happen; and rest assured your light can always be repaired. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of electrical wiring can fix the lights purchased on this site; and guidance can be provided to repair the more elaborate lamps.

SUITABILITY FOR CHILDREN: These lights are works of art and are not always suitable for children. Please use caution when purchasing as gifts.

BULBS: A wide variety of bulbs are used for particular effects. When possible, long-lasting and low-heat emitting LED or compact florescent bulbs are used; and some may require a few minutes to warm up to its complete brightness. The bulbs in many of the lights are easily accessible and can be changed to suit your preference.

CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS: Customized products are rarely made for individuals, but please do not hesitate to reach out via email. For retail inquiries, please see the "For Retailer" page on this website.

PRIVACY POLICY: Under no circumstances will any data collected, such as email addresses or contact information, will be shared with other parties.