The Light You Find is the online hub for my artistic endeavors. After roughly 25 years pursuing a career in education and in Boston’s non-profit sector as a communications consultant, I dropped out to follow a path truer to myself and more centered on my creative abilities. Ever since high-school in the early-90s I’ve tinkered with parts trying to rework them into my own medium for expression and narration. Now I apply this same spirit and effort to transforming mundane items into illuminating objects unlike anyone has ever seen.

Each work here consists of broken down items used in everyday domestic, mercantile, or industrial settings. They are then cleaned, reassembled, and wired into creations that communicate a unique story or meaning. Whether displayed where you entertain guests, kept in your private space, or purchased as a gift, these lights promise to illuminate the overlooked beauty and creative possibilities within and in everything around you. There is a light here to inspire everyone. All you need to do is find it.

Michael Frankel
Cumberland, Maine
November 2023